Trademark Registration

Our association offers Trademark Registration services from Delhi. A trademark is a word, expression, image, or potentially plan that identifies and recognizes the wellspring of the merchandise of one gathering from those of others. There can be a word trademark or a device trademark. A trademark is a visual image, which might be a word, name, gadget, name or numerals utilized by a business to recognize its merchandise or administrations from other comparative products or administrations beginning from an alternate business. An enrolled trademark is an immaterial resource or licensed innovation for a business and is utilized to secure the organization's interest in the brand or image.A wordmark registers the word one would want to use. Once the word mark is registered, the applicant has the right to use and represent the word in any format or font.

A device mark, on the other hand, gives one the rights in the combination of images, design, and words taken together. The application for trademark generally includes trademark objections from the department. A reply to these objections needs to be filed along with the show cause hearings. During the meeting, it will be the obligation of the operator or the proprietor to persuade the Registrar to permit the stamp.


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